Service Delivery Method

Our approach to service delivery is highly structured and based on many years of successful project outcomes. It can be encapsulated in the simple, yet highly effective, Plan, Manage and Conclude Model.


Planning is the foundation of any successful project of consequence. Our planning process produces the following milestones.

  • Definition of the project scope and deliverables
  • A comprehensive statement of work which clearly spells out what we are doing
    • Preliminary project initiation steps
    • Project initiation tasks
    • Preparation for project team
    • Staffing plan and setup
    • Administration plan and setup
  • Kickoff meeting


The management phase is the heart of the project and where execution excellence and project management skills are put to the test. We concentrate on the following activities with a systematic approach that consistently delivers projects goals within budget and deadlines.

  • Plan execution
  • Resource allocation
  • Scope management and adjustment
  • Results measurement
  • Status meetings


Concluding a project is often the most neglected phase of a project. A proper conclusion can lead to the enhancement of the current project and goals as well as important knowledge that supports the planning and execution of future projects. It also creates the documentation necessary to guide future reviews of project evaluations. Our conclusion plans for the following tasks.

  • Documented project review including a comparison with project goals
  • Client evaluation meetings to review findings and rate performance
  • Documentation of "lessons learned"
  • Final invoicing and financial analysis
  • Archiving of all documentation
  • Transition of all ongoing functions to client personnel

Jennifer Lacasse

Jennifer Lacasse is the president of 4D Learning Solutions, an organization development leader and learning industry professional with a wide breadth of experience in her 16 year career. She has lead numerous projects to improve performance and develop staff in a variety of industries including consumer products, ...

Top 10 Reasons

  1. We have a "whatever it takes mentality" that produces results on time and on budget

  2. We operate in a collaborative environment where mutual respect, integrity, team spirit and enthusiasm are encouraged.


Our Business Model

Our distributed, global project team business model is streamlined to bring you the expertise and support you need, when you need it and at an affordable price. We maintain relationships with a network of domestic and off shore professionals that cover the entire range of planning, development and delivery skill sets required to accomplish... Read More...